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Please save the dates for FARO 2019
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FARO Meeting 2019
     Dates: November 14-16, 2019
     Venue: La Waterfront Hotel, Shenzhen, China
The Meeting website and Abstract Submission will be open soon!!


The 3rd Meeting of the Federation of Asian Organizations for Radiation Oncology in Bali, Indonesia on 6-8 September,2018 ended in great success.

Report of 3rd FARO Meeting.docx


                                                 FARO MEETING 2018

                                                 FARO BOOKLET HI RES (3).pdf


Announcement of 5th Annual Conference of the Asia Pacific NeuroendocrineTumours Society
 on 27-29 October in Mumbai, India
Announcement .pdf

2016 The 1st Meeting of FARO


The 1st Meeting of FARO ended in great success.   

Regional database

・Personnel /Infrastructure
 Regional database of radiation oncology personnel and infrastructure .xlsx

Presentation slides of the first FARO Council Meeting  2015
 (May 30,2015, Kyoto, Japan)

Bangladesh(BSRO)FARO2015-Bandladesh.pdf   China (CSRO)FARO2015-China.pdf   India (AROI) FARO2015-India.pdf      Indonesia (IROS)FARO2015-Indonesia.pdf   Japan (JASTROFARO2015-Japan.pdf   Korea(KOSRO) FARO2015-Korea.pdf  Malaysia (MOS)FARO2015-Malaysia.pdf    Philippines (PROS)FARO2015-Philippines.pdf   Singapore (SRS)FARO2015-Singapore.pdf   Sri Lanka(SLCO) FARO2015-Sri Lanka.pdf  Thailand(THASTRO)FARO2015-Thailand.pdf    Trilateral Symposium (JASTRO,CSRO,KOSRO)FARO2015-Trilateral Symposium.pdf   FNCA(Forum forNuclear Cooperation in Asia)FARO2015-FNCA.pdf

2015 Business Meeting

FARO Business Meeting has been held.
(November 21.2015)     


1st Council Meeting

1st Council Meeting of FARO ended in great success.
(May 30, 2015)


Dear FARO Council Officers and Council Members,

Dear FARO Council Officers and Council Members,

The First Council Meeting of FARO will be held in Kyoto International Conference Center on May 30, 2015.

We also encourage you to bring many colleagues to ICRR2015 (May 25-29, 2015), which is an exciting event of scientific exchange for radiation oncologists and biologists.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you and your colleagues in Kyoto.




2014 Preparatory meeting

The participants of the second preparatory meeting of FARO
 (November 3, 2014, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

announcement of the Establishment of
Federation of Asian Organizations for Radiation Oncology (FARO)
It is our great pleasure to make a public announcement of the establishment of the Federation of Asian Organizations for Radiation Oncology (FARO). This is a new and exciting framework in which collaboration can be developed among Asian radiation oncologists. FARO intends to function as a federation of radiation oncology societies in Asia and aims to improve the basic level of radiotherapy for the benefit of the patients in the Asian region.
In the second preparatory meeting of FARO, which was held on November 3, 2014 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, societies of 11 Asian countries officially agreed to the establishment of FARO. These 11 societies which represent Asian nations are radiation oncology societies or oncology societies that include radiation oncology, and they agreed that FARO would first focus on the academic/scientific exchange and human resource development. The first official meeting of FARO will be held in May, 2015 in Kyoto. The followings are the participating societies:
   Bangladesh:Bangladesh Society of Radiation Oncologists (BSRO)
   China:Chinese Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology (CSTRO)
   India:Association of Radiation Oncologists of India (AROI)
   Indonesia:Indonesian Radiation Oncology Society (IROS)
   Japan:Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology (JASTRO)
   Korea:Korean Society for Radiation Oncology (KOSRO)
   Malaysia:Malaysian Oncological Society (MOS)
   Philippines:Philippine Radiation Oncology Society (PROS)
   Singapore:Singapore Radiological Society (SRS)
   Sri Lanka:Sri Lanka College of Oncologists (SLCO)
   Thailand:Thai Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (THASTRO)
 In the preparatory meeting, the first Council Officers were elected: Prof. Masahiro Hiraoka (JASTRO) as the President, Prof. Ramesh Bilimagga (AROI) as the Vice President, Prof. Takashi Nakano (JASTRO) as the Secretary General, Prof. Xianshu Gao (CSRO) as the Treasurer, Prof. Soehartati Gondhowiardjo (IROS) as the President-Elect, and Dr. Tomoaki Tamaki (JASTRO) as the Deputy Secretary General.
 The cooperation among the participating societies is essential for the future growth of FARO because the level of radiotherapy in the Asian region varies significantly. The FARO members would like to sincerely request significant support from partners of various fields so that the activity of FARO will lead to the improvement of radiotherapy within and beyond the Asian region.
Masahiro Hiraoka, MD, PhD.President of FARO
The participants of the second preparatory meeting of FARO (November 3, 2014, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
In the first row from the right, Prof. Xianshu Gao (CSTRO, Treasurer), Prof. Takashi Nakano (JASTRO, Secretary General), Prof. Masahiro Hiraoka (JASTRO, President), Prof. Ramesh Bilimagga (AROI, Vice President), Prof. Soehartati Gondhowiardjo (IROS, President-Elect), Dr. Tomoaki Tamaki (JASTRO, Deputy Secretary General)