Version of January 10, 2018
“Federation of Asian Organizations for Radiation Oncology” Constitution

Section I : Name,scope and extent of activities.

          Article 1:

The organization bears the name, “Federation of Asian Organizations for Radiation  Oncology” (FARO). Hereinafter, referred to as “the Federation”.

          Article 2:

The Federation extends its membership to countries in the Asian region. Its  membership will be decided by the Council according to the articles defined in the  Constitution.

          Article 3

The Federation may remain in existence until its voluntary dissolution of the  Federation as defined in the Articles of this Constitution is approved by the Council.

ection II : Aims and Functions.

          Article 4

4.1 The aims and purposes of the Federation are :

    (a) To promote the co-operation and communication between Radiation Oncology  Organizations in the region; 
    (b) To develop the standard of education/training and research in radiation oncology and related field in the region; 
    (c) To promote the advancement in status and standard of practice of the radiation oncology profession; 
    (d) To organize and/or sponsor international conferences, regional and other  meetings or courses; 
    (e) To collaborate or affiliate with other scientific or professional Organizations;

4.2 The activities of the Federation are not aimed for profit. 

Section III :Membership.

          Article 5

Membership of the  Federation shall consist of:

   (a) National organizations from Asian countries
   (b) Additional categories of membership created according to Article 8 (see Appendix)

          Article 6

6.1 National organizations which specifically focus on radiation oncology in Asian  region,or equivalent radiology or oncology organizations if such organizations do  not exist, may apply for Membership of the Federation. The Membership shall be limited to one organization per country.
6.2 Radiation oncology organizations or equivalent organizations will be admitted to Membership of the Federation by the Council, if approved by two thirds of the votes of the Council Members present.
6.3 Radiation oncology organizations or equivalent organization applying for Membership of the Federation must submit copies of their rules,constitutions or statutes, and a statement giving names and affiliations of officers,the number of members, and the activities of the organization. 
6.4 Organizations may withdraw from Membership of the Federation on six-month notice.
6.5 Cancellation of Membership of the Federation may be decided by the Council with  two thirds of the votes of the Council Members present and expressed. In such cases, the Council must have stated the reasons for proposing cancellation in writing  and must have invited the Member Organization to present a case opposing such cancellation in writing or verbally within three months. 
6.6 Suspension of Membership may be imposed by the Council, when a Member  Organization has remained more than two years in arrears with its subscription, despite two warnings in writing from the Secretariat. The suspension may be revoked  by the Council upon the fulfillment of the conditions.

          Article 7

At its discretion, the Council may create additional categories of membership with  associated conditions and may amend or dissolve the membership categories so created. Such membership will not have the right to vote in the Council. 
The additional membership categories for the time being in force shall be defined in an  appendix of this Constitution.

          Article 8

Members of the Federation are not liable for its debts or liabilities. The Federation is liable only to the extent of its assets. 

Section IV :Administration.

          Article 9

9.1 The Council is deemed to be the Constitutional Body of the Federation and directs the activities of the Federation.
9.2 The Council comprises Council Members appointed by each Member Organization and Council Officers.
9.3 The Council Officers are: the President, President-elect, Vice-President, Secretary General, Treasurer and Chairpersons of the Committees.
9.4 The executive Officers are the President, Vice-President, Secretary General, and Treasurer.
9.5 The President can invite individuals such as representatives of co-operating Organizations to attend the Council as observers.

          Article 10

The Secretariat shall be designated by the Council and conduct secretarial business of the Federation under the direction of the Council Officers. The Secretariat shall maintain communication with the Council Members and with the Member Organizations.

          Article 11

11.1 Council Members

11.1.1 Each Member Organization shall officially appoint two delegate radiation oncologists as Council Membersto the Council through a letter to the Secretariat. A Council Member so

appointed shall be considered as the appointed representative of the Member Organization to the Federation, until the Member Organization revokes the appointment through a letter to the Secretariat.
11.2 Council Officers
11.2.1 The President, shall hold office for one term of two years. The President shall not be eligible for immediate re-election as an Officer.

11.2.2 The President-elect shall hold office for one term of two years. At the end of the President’s tenure, the President-elect shall succeed to the office of the President.

11.2.3 The Vice President shall hold office for one term of two years. The Vice President shall not be eligible for immediate re-election as the Vice President.

11.2.4 The Secretary General shall hold office for one term of two years and be eligible for re-election.The Secretary General may appoint Deputy Secretary General.

11.2.5 The Treasurer shall hold office for one term of two years and be eligible for re-election.

11.2.6In case the office of President isvacated for any reason, the Vice-President shall be come President for the remainder of term of office.

11.2.7In case the office of Vice-President is vacated for any reason, the vacated office shall be filled by election.

11.2.8 In case the office of Secretary General is vacated for any reason, the President shall, at his/her discretion, either call an election to fill the vacant office or appoint a Council Member to fill the vacant office on an acting basis.

11.2.9In case the office of Treasurer is vacated for any reason, the President shall, at his/her discretion, either callan election to fill the vacant office or appoint a Council Member to fill the vacant office on an acting basis.

11.3 Member Organization whose delegate is elected as a Council Officer may appoint a replacement delegate. A Council Officer shall not resume his/her position as a Council Member at the end of the term as a Council Officer, unless the Member Organization re-appoints him/her as the delegate.
11.4 The Council mandatorily meets once per year.
11.5 The President is the official representative of the Federation and shall summon and chair the meetings of the Council. The Vice-President may act on the President‘s behalf during the latter’ sabsence.
11.6 The President shall summon the Council in extra ordinary occasions upon the written request of more than one-thirdof the Council Members or upon the President’s own decision.
11.7 If a delegate is unable to attend ameeting of the Council, the Member Organization may designate atemporaryalternate delegatefor the meeting.Anotification of such designationmust beconveyedto the Secretariat prior to the meeting.

11.8 The Executive Officers of the Council shallprepare agendas, papers and budgets for circulation to Council Members. Copiesshall be circulatedtoMember Organizations by the Secretariatone month before themeeting.

11.9 Advisory Board

11.9.1 Advisory Board consists of the Past Council Officers.

11.9.2 Advisory Board members shall provide support and advice to FARO programs and attend Council Meeting and other events/functions upon the request of FARO Council Officers. The Board shall also act and collaborate with standing Council Officers as a resource personnel for the benefit of FARO.

Section E :Council business.

          Article 12

12.1 The Council has the power to :
      (a) adopt or amend the Constitution of the Federation;
      (b) electthe President-elect, the Vice-President, the Secretary General, and theTreasurer;
      (c) decide on the admission of Radiation Oncology Organizations toMembership;
      (d) suspend and terminate Membership of Member Organizations;
      (e)dissolve the Federation;
      (f ) establish the annual membership subscription, and
      (g) set up committees for specific defined matters

12.2 The Council hasthe responsibilities of furthering the aims and purposes of the Federation, andmanaging its financial affairs.
12.3 Each Member Organization has one vote inthe decisions of the Council through its delegates as the Council Members. Thevote can be valid only in the presence of the Council Member in the CouncilMeeting or his/her alternate delegate as defined in the Article 11.7. Officers have no votes, unless voting results in a tie, in which case the President has a vote.
12.4 A Council can make valid proceedings if a quorum exists. A quorumexists if more than one half of all possible votes are represented by theCouncil Members present at the Council Meeting. If Council cannot make validproceedings, i.e. there is no quorum in Council, Officers have the option todefer the decision to the next meeting of Council or they can decide to have apostal or e-mail ballot with the approval of more than one half of the Council Members present at the meeting. A quorum of more than one-half of all possiblevotes is required for postal and e-mail meeting or ballot. Prior to any e-mailor postal meeting or ballot being conducted, all relevant documents should becirculated to Council Members for consultation for a period of not less thantwo weeks. The Secretariat shall on issuance of a ballot specify the date onwhich the postal or e-mail ballot will be counted.
12.5 Issues related toCouncil business are decided either by agreement in Council, or by a majorityvote among Council Members present at a valid meeting, or as prescribedelsewhere in

the Constitution.
12.6 The Council shall dissolve theFederation by two thirds of votes of all the Council Members.
12.7 ThePresident shall call an Extraordinary General Meeting upon the request by morethan one third of all the Council Members.
12.8 Excluding matters relating to thedissolution of the Federation, changes in its Constitution or Membership, theExecutive Officers have the power to act where prompt action is deemednecessary in their judgment. This shall include the power to establish ad hoccommittees for specified purposes. The Chairpersons of such Committees shall beappointed by the President. Such actions shall be reported by mail or e-mail toCouncil Members and placed on the agenda for formal approval at the nextCouncil Meeting.
12.9 Committees
12.9.1 Election Committee The ElectionCommittee shall consist of the President, the Immediate Past President, andthree Council Members to be elected by the Council. The President shall serveas Chairman of the committee. The purpose of the Election Committee isto ensure that suitable nominations are made by Member Organizations for theoffices of the Council. The Secretariat should invite MemberOrganizations to submit names to the President at least two months prior to thedate of the next Council Meeting at which the election for the Council Officerswill take place. The names and biographical details of the nominees are to becirculated by the Secretariat to Council Members at least one month prior tothe election.
12.9.2 Other Committees will be constituted by the Council.

Section F :Financial resources.

          Article 13

The financialresources of the Federation consist of:
     (a) Subscriptions paid by MemberOrganizations;
     (b) Gifts, bequests and legacies;
     (c) Subsidies and grants;
     (d) Any other resources or revenues which may result from the Federation’sactivities or investments.

          Article 14

Subscriptions shall be fixed by the Council.

          Article 15

15.1 Theaccounting period shall be the calendar year.
15.2 The Treasurer shall reportannually to the Council on financial matters.
15.3 The membership ofOrganizations who have not paid the proper dues for two consecutive years canbe suspended according to Article 6.6. Member Organizations who have not paidtheir dues have no right to vote in the Council.
15.4 Officers, who belong toan Organization which has not paid its subscription for two consecutive years,shall be removed from the offices. The vacated offices shall be filledaccording to the Article 11.2.